Shipping & Returns

Terms and conditions in short form


  There is no minimum orders amount

(Please note: for minor orders > 100,- Euro we charge a processing fee of 5,00 )



2 % discount for orders above 250,00

3 % discount for orders above 500,00

4 % discount for orders above 1.000,00

5 % discount for orders above 2.500,00



Shipments outside Germany or Austria will be charged according to the actual shipping-costs that we pay.

You can also send your own forwarder and have the goods picked up from our warehouse.


Transport insurance = 1 % of the goods' value


  Terms of payment

Shipments outside Germany and Austria will generally be processed by payment in advance or cash on delivery. All bank-fees must be paid by the remitter.

You will get 2 % discount if you pay the proforma-invoice within 10 days. If the proforma invoice has not been paid within 30 days, the order will be cancelled.


German VAT will be added if you do not indicate your VAT number.